Learning is a topic never far from Ujjval and Joanne. Together they have an impressive range of educational credits, and Ujjval says he has "always been learning".

In 2011 Ujj and Joanne established Organisational Learning Australia (OLA), an RTO focusing on quality childcare training. They both have a firm belief that educating children is a privilege and an excellent way to give children the best start in life.  

OLA is a Registered Training Organisation in Victoria regulated by the Victorian Registrations and Qualifications Authority, provider number 110083. OLA has special obligations that are defined in the Education and Training Reform Amendment (Skills) act 2010, including the ability to issue Nationally Recognised Qualifications and the obligation to recognise qualifications from other RTOs.

"Education is a fantastic thing," Joanne said.

"We believe that educating children in the right way and for the right reasons is a great career."

Early childcare education

The pair worked as registered consultants and advisors in the childcare industry, and their passion has always been in children's services and early childhood education.

"A lot of childcare education is reduced to dry and boring 'ticking and flicking' - ticking boxes - so we put in an application to become a registered training organisation (RTO) ourselves. That's when we established OLA."  

They have both been influenced by the practices of Steiner education and seek to impart practical and hands on 'play-based' education to adults who will in turn teach our children.

While some competitors in the childcare training industry are delivering their courses in 10 days, OLA deliver our Cert III in six months and Diploma course in 12 months, reflective of the depth of the subjects they offer.

Quality childcare training courses

OLA has an inherent focus on quality in training courses, something typified by their enthusiastic crew of trainers, who all have extensive first-hand experience in the industry, love their work and feel they have found their home at OLA.

"We offer a quality educational experience, and we now have a group of companies that clearly focus on the child," Ujjval said.

Family daycare

Ujjval and Joanne added further depth to their business by establishing Ignite Minds Family Daycare in early 2014. The company offers opportunities to work directly with families and children.

"Ignite Minds is a great way to offer employment opportunities to graduates, so we now offer not just training but also employment placements," Joanne said.

Ignite Minds expanded into educational toys and also trades under the name Dragonfly Toys.

Dragonfly consists of wonderfully tactile, enjoyable and educational toys, games, books, puzzles and art materials for adults and children. Education has been personally important to Ujjval and Joanne.

"We're interested in the economics of children and families, and we know that working in the childcare industry is a family-friendly and rewarding way to balance home life," Joanne said.

"It's a fabulously rewarding career."

Credit transfer/national recognition
Credit transfer is training credit for a unit of competency or module previously completed by a client and includes granted application for mutual recognition. Credit transfer and a granted application for mutual recognition are essentially administrative processes. These are not formal enrolments in the normal sense, because they involve neither delivery nor assessment of the student’s knowledge. However, credit transfers need to be recorded and reported, firstly to exempt the student from the need to enrol in the unit, and secondly for the purposes of provider and systems calculation of qualification eligibility.
Upon application by the client, the provider consults curriculum documents or official lists to determine the extent to which the client’s previously achieved program of study or subject is equivalent to the required learning outcomes, competency outcomes, or standards in a program of study they are now undertaking. 
National recognition: (a) recognition by a registered training organisation (RTO) of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) qualifications and statements of attainment issued by all other RTOs, thereby enabling national recognition of the qualifications and statements of attainment issued to any person; (b) recognition by each state and territory’s registering body of the training organisations registered by any other state or territory’s registering body and of its registration decisions; and (c) recognition by all state and territory course-accrediting bodies and registering bodies of the courses accredited by each state or territory’s course-accrediting body and of its accreditation decisions.
All prospective students will have the opportunity to discuss credit transfer and national recognition prior to enrolment.

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