Levic Gillies

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Accounts and Compliance Officer

What do I do as a compliance auditor for Organisationa Learning Australia ?
* I make sure that any claims we made from the government funding are well supported with the evidences from our Trainers and Students.
* I regularly check that our financial viability for renewal of our funding from the government are on track with government's requirement.
* Checking that our systems around the company are working, validating tools are used by the employees, trainers and partners.

Why do I love working in OLA? 

The company has a small team that support each other, the culture is friendly and fun.  I have learned a lot about the Training Industry with this company and I am still learning a lot being a complaince officer is a challenge to keep the company in complaince with goverment regulations with regards to our fundings from the goverment. 

I plan to grow my career in this company and gain more experience in the RTO ( Registered Training Organisation ) industry as I find the challenges of the industry motivating. 

Challenging and invirogating that is why I love working in OLA 

  • BS of Accountancy
  • Certificate IV in Financial Services
  • Certificate 3 of Micro Business Operation
English, Tagalog, Cebuano & Hiligaynon